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A passionate tribute to Japanese martial arts

The origins of Budokan is a game inspired by the 1989 game called Budokan: The Martial Spirit, one of the greatest classic fighting games of all time. No special powers, just a human player, motivated and with 4 fighting styles available.

The origins of Budokan wants to bring back the experience of a game from the 80's / 90's with a story that holds you to the game and without pay to play packages that frustrate you in the middle of the game.

Fight your way through the map, face off against gangs and other fighters and create your legacy in the greatest fighting championship of all: Budokan.

2 Fighting modes available

The origins of Budokan has 2 fighting modes, the classic 1 vs 1 found in the original game and the 1 vs Gang mode, common in games like Golden Axe, Shinobi and many others.

The Farmer VS Dojo Guard - Version 0.4

Clean up the streets and gain reputation

To get to Budokan you need to go through a map with several villages, with dangerous roads, controlled by gangs and criminals. Help the locals, beat the criminals and gain advantages and reputation through the game.

The Farmer VS Street gang - Version 0.4

Project Deadlines

You know, it's an Indie game, but the idea is to follow these steps:

  • Story
  • 3D
  • Coding
  • Early Access
  • Launch
Step Status
Game Concept Art Done!
Characters and History Done!
Level Design Done!
3D - Outside Done!
3D - Inside Working...
3D - Cut scenes To Do
Coding - Menu and UI Done!
Coding - Map Navigation Working...
Coding - Gang Fight Mode To Do
Coding - 1 Vs 1 Fight Mode To Do
Coding - Budokan Tournament To Do
Demo - Beta Testing To Do
Launch - PC / Steam / Xbox Christmas 2022

Game Mythology

Since childhood you have the habit of waking up early with your father and training martial arts hidden on the top of the mountain, today after many years your family history has been forgotten and you are only known as "The Farmer", but your ancestors were great samurai and the fighting style they created was never forgotten.

Even after the death of your father by a local gang, you never stopped training hard and now is the time to show that the style created by your family is the best: It's time to go to the Budokan!

The old master of the Dojo is the only one who knows your secret and he, like you, is tired of all the injustice and violence that the gangs have brought to the valley. The road to Budokan is long and full of dangers, but he knows that you are finally ready to face everything until reaching the Budokan.

The time has finally come. It's time to avenge your family and rescue the honor of your ancestors!

The Farmer talking to the old master - Version 0.4

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